for when words fall short


3 Responses to for when words fall short

  1. S.L says:

    [Forgive me, my writing isn’t as nearly as elegant as yours.]
    How am I supposed to convey my thoughts to you, a person who does not know me and I him, well, personally that is. I have read your blog for only a few short months, but I have read and reread entry after entry, from the beginning to the present. The good and the bad, the sad and the humerus. I have never met you and only know what you look like from your picture, yet based on what I’ve read I feel like I’ve known you for all of eternity. You’ve made me laugh, like the time when you ran into that bull with the European cyclist trekking across the field. You’ve made me sad, like your most recent post regarding your time in New York. I can see in your writing the despair you feel through your words. The wonder of whether what you have done was worth it. Although you do not know me, I know, just from here, that what you have done is magnificent and powerful and the lives you have touched will always cherish your memory. Please do not think that your time in New York was futile. If you cannot see progress in front of you then perhaps see the progress you have created, the roads you have paved for the future protestors of America. I may be wrong, and I do hope so, but it appears the flame that burns inside you is dwindling. Do not sacrifice your spirit for the energy you have put forth in recent months. To me, it would not appear that you are abandoning New York and the cause you have fought so vigorously for but instead a new cause beckons you, somewhere out in the distant lands. The door is closing in this one realm of your life, but many, many doors are opening in front of you. All you have to do is walk through one. Your youthful spirit that so many dream for will rejuvenate itself. Your lust for life is contagious, hence why I write to you now, something I never, ever have done or perhaps will do again, but I could not sit here, read your most recent post and close my computer to go continue my life knowing full well that your troubles and concerns brew inside you. I hope the doubts within me are just that, doubts. Sharing my time between staring at my computer and the rain that falls outside, I am going to will myself to send this to you, even if it’s been 45 minutes of inner turmoil. If anything you will delete this and continue on with your adventures! But if you do happen to sit there and ponder what I have written, just remember that you have so much to offer, this I know. You are a connoisseur of adventure and love, do not shed these invaluable qualities.

  2. Saïd says:

    Dave It was so nice to meet you and share our thoughts. I deeply enjoyed your company and your stories by the way this Saïd ( Moroccan). I hope you find jwhat you looking for and in behalf of the world I thank you and admire your kindness and courage for spreading the good energy.
    Keep in touch Brother!!
    Thanks for the Sweets lol !!!

  3. Trayce says:


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