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  1. Carol Nickel says:

    I saw you and your travel companion at Starbucks in Idaho Falls yesterday. My husband and I were passing through on our way home to Meridian, ID. I am always curious about people who appear “different” so I asked the great people working there “so what’s the story with the backpack people?” (I know, that sounds kind of silly.) They explained to me that you were “travelers” and told me a short bit about you, including how much they loved the fact that you came back to visit them. I said, “I hope he is keeping a journal so he can write a book!” They told me about your blog and gave me the link to it. I wanted to walk over to you and tell you “Good for you! Safe travels!” but I was shy and got into the car and drove away. So, here I am to say it, “Good for you! How bold you are! Safe travels!” I know by the small bit that I’ve read already that I am going to thoroughly enjoy your blog posts. Be well.
    Meridian, ID

    • Dave Korn says:

      Hi Carol! Thank you so much for leaving me this wonderful note, and I want to apologize for how long it’s taken me to send some words back. That’s so wonderful that you saw us in Idaho Falls! The girl I was with and myself had just hitchhiked together down from Montana, and we were on our way back to Boulder, Colorado, where we had both been living for a little while. We had ended up in Idaho unexpectedly, because we happened to catch a ride in that direction, and I was delighted to be able to reconnect with those wonderful folks at Starbucks. I think you’re the first person who has seen me and managed to track me down, and I’m incredibly touched that you were interested enough to ask about us and to reach out with these words, though I’m sorry that I didn’t get to actually meet you. Thank you so much for sending this note.

  2. David, it’s Keely, the woman you met at the Epic Cafe in Tucson in October — the one who expressed hope that your mother appreciated your beautiful dreads as much as I would if they were on my son! I’ve been thinking of you quite a bit lately and wanted to send you a note of encouragement. I’m heading out very early tomorrow with my oldest son, Anthony, who’s returning to the Seattle area while I visit my mother-in-law and some friends, and my hope is that I’ll have some quiet time to drop you a handwritten note. You made a beautiful impression on my heart, and I want to continue to honor that by staying in touch. Until then, be well and continue to stay open to what Life brings you. I wish you peace, send you love, and thank you for your courage. Keely Emerine-Mix

  3. Cheyenne says:

    hello! just ran across this blog while researching the missoula ordinance against “aggressive panhandling” for a class. you have an excellent writing style that lends well to your exciting stories. glad i found your faith-filled writings at the end of this day 🙂 on a side note, is it okay if i share a link to one of your posts?

    missoula, mt

  4. Martin says:

    Hey Dave.. If you like Spirituality .. Check out and Adyashanti on youtube…
    They are good guides if your finding yourself in a difficult situation.. 🙂
    I loooove your blog btw!

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