Why sleep in a $300,000 house
when you could sleep
under a $6 million bridge
and eat wild blackberries for breakfast, washed in dew?
Really, all I’m trying to do
is reestablish a harmony that has been lost
when the sun rises, i rise
when the sun sleeps, i sleep, the cycle born
not of aesthetic ideals but of practical necessity
windy blackberry bushes wiggle beneath a purple sky
Humans are the only animal to use money to get what they want when they want it
and thus feel entitled to the food and service
what room is there left for gratitude in all of this?
“how do you eat”
i’m tired of that question
how do the birds eat?  the wolves, the spiders, the antelope?
they be what they are
(creatures who live in a world that provides them with nourishment)
they do their work and wait patiently for the right moment
we spin webs, stalk prey, build traps, search dumpsters, harvest berries
is knowing precisely when you’ll next eat necessarily a good thing?
no animals know.  and sometimes they get less than they’d prefer, sometimes way more than they can use
but it’s always enough
harmony.  i become the animal we pretend we are not
there are a set of strategies
hunting, trapping, and fishing have worked well for thousands of years
though these tactics are more or less obsolete in the urban environment
so we become urban predators
adopt a new set of techniques
(dumpster diving, white-boxing, foraging, finding burned pizzas and day-old pastries, etc.)
and i tell you this
there is not always lobster and creme brulee
but there is always Enough.
rows and rows of GMO produce in corporate supermarkets
deaden instincts, make us forget
that there is another way
but we can remember, if we choose to
you can eat without money.
try it and you will see
and if you do try it, it will make you have faith in something
(God, nature, yourself, the universe, the goodness of humanity, the wastefulness of America)
come sit with us on the corner, watching
all the happy people go by
alone encased in metal/glass boxes on rolling rubber
or walking by quickly with eyes steady ahead
you’d be surprised how many shoot us looks of disgust/contempt
or maybe you wouldn’t
we don’t have much
but we touch, share food
play music, make things,
celebrate the sensation of living,
of morning sunlight on skin

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