i sat outside a truck stop

becoming sun-baked human ziti and trying to decide where to go next.  i’d been nonsensically crisscrossing idaho, from Idaho Falls west to boise then back east to Mountain Home.  do i head north to montana?  i already came from west.  i already came from east.  do i go to the coast?  to seattle or portland?  to yellowstone?  to california?  back to boise?  it didn’t matter and i couldn’t decide so i just sat there for 3 days slumped on the ground leaning against my pack strumming my ukulele absently, laughing at how ridiculous everyone looked, how ridiculous they were to come and go endlessly, laughing at myself and how ridiculous i looked lying there in front of this truck stop and how ridiculous it was for me to go back and forth and up and down and zigzag all across this huge crazy country in search of something that doesn’t exist out there, i sat there for 3 days laughing and strumming as people gave me money and food and offered me rides that i turned down over and over and over

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One Response to i sat outside a truck stop

  1. tina says:

    this sounds miserable.
    hopefully you did not retire outside this truck stop.

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