The mountains have taught me things
Last night wind picked up late and woke me with groans through the canyon
Spits of rain on my pitter pattered tarp
I huddled through the night and overslept past dawn 
Sunrise gentle, rabid storms, skies ablaze and starry peace
So pass the days
Unfolding landscapes and blurry handwriting
Sweet moonlit streetcorner melodies and roadside tears
Got into town late, slept outside, drank coffee in the morning, made cafe friends after noon
We passed around my guitar in the rainy alcove
I could have stayed there forever
Having cigarettes for dinner
Packed my bag,
Hitchhiked a thousand miles 
And I’m still Here
The strange thing is,
I could tell they will miss me
What did I even do? What did I say?
I was just me
How did I become this
Person who receives a typewritten poem upon my departure?
Idaho Falls actually has falls
I feel more honest here
Unzipped my guitar case to play an honest song for the blue sunset river
Found the neck snapped in two
I asked the woman outside the library,
So, what do you do?
She said she was on disability.
I said, so, what do you do?
She started to say something and then frowned.
The girl who kicked me down a pizza 
And asked if i was happy
Fuck yeah that shit is tasty
I sit on a bench in the shadows beside a gnarled mother tree
Watch them all pass by
I’ve never met that girl, but I know one thing about her
She will die
And there will be people at her funeral but now she is
Young and beautiful and ignorant and I am 
Young and beautiful and ignorant and the Utah rains taught me about acceptance when they came on my face without warning
That’s what she said
In Idaho attempted suicide is punishable by a $200 fine
The railroad tracks run above the river rapids
Silver afternoon thunderstorm freight train whistles remind me that I won’t stay here long
I saw a toddler playing in the rain outside the library
Come on September, let’s go inside, her mother called from beneath the overhang.
She stomped in pooling rainwater with unstable legs, mouth slightly open, arms flailing to touch the splashes
September! Come on, we need to go in! Her mother kept saying.
September totally ignored her, on all fours now, rain streaming down, eyes wide with her hands buried in the puddles
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