Wildfires rage across Colorado.  The air is heavy with the scent of campfire.  Colors of dusk, filtered through smoke, bleed into the horizon: the fiery moon rises through silver wisps of cloud.  Many pray for rain; one afternoon a storm gathers above the mountains.  A furious wind pulls darkness across the sky.  Little rain falls, but lightning strikes spark four new fires and the wild wind quickly kindles the blaze.  Thousands of acres are burning.  Helicopters speckle the sky.  Thousands of pre-evacuation notices are issued.  I sit outside a cafe at the base of the Flatirons as thick gray smoke pours from the mountainside.  A dozen passersby gather to gaze upwards.  Prayers continue across Colorado; the flames consume homes and virgin forest and spark a rare synchronization of consciousness.

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One Response to Wildfire

  1. Becky says:

    I gave you a ride today in Oregon with my two teenagers. It was nice to meet you. Keep in touch.

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