Falling In Love with a Girl on the Subway

She glanced at me as she stepped into the train car.  Her gaze was gentle yet keenly perceptive, she gave off an air of confidence, not cockiness, but it was just clear that she loved and respected herself.  There was something exotic about her as well, maybe it was the shape of her eyes, but I got the impression that she could probably speak several languages.  The doors slid shut, and she worked her way over.  When she was beside me, she turned away slightly and placed her hand just above mine on the metal pole.  The train took off with a jolt and she stumbled, just slightly, and I stood tall in case her body was to fall into mine.  Her silver nose ring glinted in the subway lights as we flew under the river into Manhattan.  I tried to catch her eye.  I tried to catch her looking at me without making it seem like I was looking at her and waiting for her to look at me.  Her brown hair tumbled into tender curls tied up beneath a beautiful bandana, there was something almost reserved about her, a deep inner beauty that resonated outwards, and I smiled when I saw her glance at me out of the corner of her eye.  We stood next to each other, facing opposite directions, she must have been looking at me in the dark reflection of the glass, and I wanted to tell her everything, I wanted her to know everything about me, I wanted to spill my heart and my soul and touch her face in the gentlest way and write poetry on her body and love her beside the ocean and run with her through patches of dragonflies in the summer.  I notice, I wanted to tell her.  Do you have any idea how much you have enriched my subway ride with your wonderful presence and the lovely fragrance of your perfume that I would like to lean closer to smell but am not going to?  Her laugh must be so sweet and gentle.  We would have picnics in sunflower fields and when we bake together I would always eat the crispy part of the brownies and she would prefer the gooey, she would kiss me softly in the mornings and I wouldn’t mind waking up early.  I felt a pang as we pulled in the station but I could tell she was probably going to get off here too, it was a pretty central station after all and many people do get off here to transfer to other trains, and at any rate even if she wasn’t planning to originally I figured she would probably follow me just so we could get a cup of coffee and exchange numbers and maybe make love for hours and hours under fresh warm lavender-scented blankets.  I turned away, too shy to watch, and I tried to obviously rummage around with my bag to make it clear I was preparing to leave.  She noticed and I pretended not to notice her notice, and when the train slid to a halt I stepped out onto the platform but then suddenly realized that she was still standing inside the train.  I tried to smile at her through the open doors, but she didn’t look, but that’s ok, I realized, she was just waiting to say goodbye through the windows, after the doors had closed, so that we could say anything to each other and not worry about what might happen in the future, knowing that our connection would last only eight or nine seconds more so there could be no time for regrets.  I stood by the windows as the doors slid shut with a ding, waiting for her to turn and show me her eyes, I knew exactly what I would say with mine, crowds of people brushed past me but I stayed stubbornly by the windows, fighting against the flow of people, I waited, the brakes hissed and the train pulled out of the station, I watched her disappear into the tunnel, she never looked.

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6 Responses to Falling In Love with a Girl on the Subway

  1. Gio says:

    mmmm.. one of my favorite posts thus far. 🙂 beautiful, dave. alas, I am a hopeless romantic 😉

  2. You are a truly free spirit. We miss you. ❤

  3. Megs says:


  4. rachel says:

    i really enjoyed that. thank you.

  5. Steven says:

    “Do you have any idea how much you have enriched my subway ride with your wonderful presence…”
    That’s exactly what I often want to say but never do…

  6. Trayce says:

    love your writing

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