I left Colorado one month ago with $200 stashed in my glove box.  I arrive in Fairbanks, 30 days and five thousand miles later, with about $100 in my glove box and with new friends in Jackson Hole; Missoula; Whitefish; Silver City, New Mexico; Moosejaw, Saskatchewan; Edmonton, Alberta; an unmarked camp along the Alaska Highway; Chicago; Paris; Tunisia; Australia; and Dawson City.

My first evening in Fairbanks:

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3 Responses to Alaska

  1. karen says:


  2. Kathi says:

    Awesome trip with wonderful memories, so many new & interesting friends and fabulous photos!!! Double WOW!!! When (or if) do you plan to head back south?
    Take care…………

  3. Dave…you’d get more traffic if you used 4 or 5 tags with your posts instead of “uncategorized” — lots of possibilities here. Some other travel blogs you may like (especially T-roy’s) for ideas and/or places you may want to see All good wishes!

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