The Birth of an Idea

In the eastern sky, a whisper of light.  Blurring scenery beneath the November moon.  I drive over a hill and young orange sunlight slants through an inferno of autumn tree trunks, leaves glinting in the sunrise and falling through the silence.  I am alone with a pang of wonder, and I wish with my whole heart that, just for a moment, the entire world could see what I see right now.

My journey is mine alone, but months of quasi-solitude have shown me that my need to express and share and communicate will not be assuaged by being disregarded.  So, despite my longstanding reluctance to begin transforming the ink in these notebooks into pixels, I have created this project as a reconciliation between my will to be solitary and my longing to share what I am going through with people like you.

Rather than outline a specific focus for this blog, I want to let it unfold naturally over the coming days and weeks.  However, the general idea is to create a forum in which I can express some of the things that I experience as I travel through the country.  I’ll be writing about those rare and beautiful slices—a sunrise through a forest, the fleeting moments of clarity, the unknown language being spoken by the people sitting across from me in this coffee shop right now.  There will also be a deep emphasis on the people I meet on the road.  For me, the most inspiring moments of travel always involve connections with other human beings, so I’ll be including plenty of stories about the characters I encounter.  I’ll also share any thoughts and ideas I need feedback on.

Where do I begin?  Do I start with my notes from three months ago when I first left California to thumb my way across the country?  Do I begin when I reunited with nostalgia and old friends in Miami?  I suppose I have no choice but to begin today at this café in McLean, VA.  I will be writing about the Now, but I’ll likely be jumping back in time and throwing in anecdotes from the past few months as well.

I hope you enjoy this.  If you are reading this right now, then thank you.  Just by reading my words, you are helping to ground me, helping me know that I’m not alone in what I’m doing.  Thank you.  More to come soon.

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5 Responses to The Birth of an Idea

  1. Amanda says:

    You are certainly not alone. I’m looking forward to more beautiful slices 🙂

  2. Laura says:

    I love it.. and you.. I can’t wait for the book 😉

  3. drea says:

    it delights me to read it, and to know it was what you were thinking, seeing, doing. ❤

  4. autumnus says:

    Still being read in 2018, I just started and I’m very excited to read more.
    and to think I found you because of a paper you submitted to the Chris McCandess website and I randomly chose to read yours based on how you looked.

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